• As a first time user, you must “Request Access” in the Welcome tab.
    • In order to “Request Access”, you will need the following:
        o 8 Digit Policy Number
        o Federal Tax ID Number
        o Email Address
    A Password will be sent to the Email Address specified. You can reset your password at any time.
    Once this is complete, you can simply “Login” at any time thereafter.
    • When logged into the site, you will have the option to pay your monthly or quarterly premium by
       clicking on the payroll form. Also, if there are any prior balances such as an audit balance or an
       additional deposit, they will also appear as an option to pay.
    • After you click on the payroll form, you can either fill in your payroll for that period if on actual
       reporting or just verify your payroll if on level reporting. If on actual payroll reporting you will need
       to click “Enter” to enter your payroll for your class code(s), once you have completed that step you will
       need to click “Verify” to calculate your premium.
    • Your premium will then be calculated and ready for the next screen.
    • On the next screen, you have the option to pay from your bank account or with a debit or credit card.
       When payment is confirmed, the process will be complete.
    • Please note that if you use a Debit or Credit Card there will be a 3% processing fee calculated from
       the amount you are paying.

If you need assistance with this site and submitting your payment online. Please contact:

Trisha Parr at 504-454-2277.